You ask why do I need to have your website Evaluation?

Website evaluation. Many of us have come across people in our lives, older and wiser than us who have offered advice and taken a personal interest in our progress helping us as we come across problems that they have experienced in the past. It is through the help and advice that we have received from them that we have progressed quicker than we might have otherwise.

These days the internet is growing and progressing at a fast rate and so much more information can be garnered from it. Search Engines can now provide most of the information that people of all ages require.

  • Students rely on the web to help them get the information for their studies.
  • Home owners find the products they need for DIY.
  • People of all ages do a lot of their shopping online.
  • Need a Dentist find one online?
  • Check up on a company; just check it out on the web.

In fact I would say that 99% of the things you require can be found on the web, which is a very good reason for you to use website evaluation, because that will help ensure that your site comes in front of the others when people are searching online.

Websites rarely have editors to check the information you have put on your site is correct, clearly listed, spell checked, quality of images and so much more. We act as your editor to ensure that you do not have errors that will put both past, present and future clients off.


These days, with the internet we have got rid of the problems that beset us in the past. We can communicate in seconds online at little or no cost, and distance is no barrier at all.  With email marketing it’s a communication between yourself and people who could be interested in the products or services you have. This communication means that at a flick of the cursor you can contact hundreds of people in seconds to make them aware of your latest products or offers. Always ensure however you are sending it to the person or department that deals with the particular offer or idea that you have. You can usually find out who the right person to address it to is by researching the company on Google. It’s always a good idea to put a polite footnote on saying if you no longer wish to receive details from us please let us know and we will remove you from our mailing list.

Make a list of people and companies who could be interested in your ideas or products. Send regular emails out to those people. It’s amazing, but years ago before the internet took over Sales Representatives were more widely used and they would make a list of prospective customers and when in the area would call and leave a business card. It might have taken 20 or 30 visits but the business cards piled up and quite often the buyer or department head of the company would think “this one’s really trying let’s have a good look at them” and so the same principal now applies to email marketing.

Now that we have the internet it has become very easy for you to promote your products to many more people than in the past, and also at a lot lower cost to you. With the internet it is so easy for both newcomers and established companies to establish, build and create successful sales.

Nowadays with the internet the way we buy the things we want be they services or goods, has completely changed. Instead of walking round shops or looking through yellow pages we just use the internet and the businesses that do not have an online presence are losing out and will in the end disappear, as their competitors who are online will completely overtake them.

You always need to check that your site is targeting the correct audience, otherwise you are just wasting time and money and below are some of the things you need to make sure are correct.

  • Ensure you have no spelling errors.
  • Is your listing well written and well thought out, to ensure it appeals to the audience you are targeting.
  • Have you had the content edited, as if you check your own work you can become blind to an error.
  • Make sure you site is updated, preferably weekly if not more often.
  • Is your site easy for the average person to use?
  • Are your pictures and information clear and accurate?
  • Do you have a good site menu can people easily find what they are seeking.
  • Does your site load in seconds or do people become fed up waiting for a site to load and go elsewhere (I know I do)
  • Ensure you don’t have dead links. Check them weekly as dead links can be a big turn off for search engines.
  • I find the best fonts to use are either Georgia or Arial, as it appears people of all ages and backgrounds are happy with this.

Get a Website Evaluation. I have listed just a few very good reasons for you to have your site evaluated professionally to ensure you have one of the best sites. You may think your site looks fine and its running along quite nicely, however when we evaluate a site we check many factors, and these can easily be the difference between the greater success of your site or you just ticking over and missing that great opportunity that so rarely comes along. To demonstrate what I mean and receive a thorough website check, we look at some of the following points which we carry out on a full evaluation of your website and the points above are just a few of what we check. The importance of these is enormous when it comes to your sites ranking. So, why not have your website evaluated. Is everything on your site factual and clear?

To ensure good web rankings you need to check everything at regular intervals. Trust me when I say that if all is not as it should be, then success will not appear and  it will affect your ranking severely.