The Service We Offer

Being a web design company we offer, amongst many other platforms, WordPress which is an online, easy to use website creator. Thus it enables us to provide best designs together with top website marketing in order to provide you with perfect website at a very cost effective price. It also enables your site to have a website especially designed to show your products at their best, and also one which you can easily manage, either daily or weekly. If you require it, we can set up a blog page and these help your rankings on the search engines which are paramount if you want to succeed. A well thought out site, which enables you to have control and refresh your products as often as you want without having to spend hours on your computer. This means that you can spend more time increasing your customer base and expanding your product range in line with what your customers are seeking. We are top web designers and with our professionalism and experience we can give you the results that you are seeking. This web development company can assure you that it will meet your demands.

WordPress Wesite SEO CMS Design Photo

Our managed websites offer a complete support service with the fastest, yet affordable hosting. Anything from a 1 page site to a large e-commerce site. Plus of course everything else you could possibly require to ensure you are getting the best position in the search engines. With personal phone training and internet mentor, offering free sessions should you require them. Our team are there to give you peace of mind. When you have a query we are here to help to sort it and put you mind at rest.

To be successful, your site has to be easily found. For instance, if you are a timber merchant in Brighton, selling decking, we are here to ensure that when somebody types into Google “decking in Brighton” your name comes up. You can have the best site in the world but unless it comes up when people search for your products it is useless. We forward your site to all major search engines and use Google Analytics to promote your site on the search engines. Success does not come overnight but a well planned and carefully managed site can usually, within a short while, be seen on the search engines. As well as optimising your site we also offer (Pay Per Click) campaigns, the best of these in our opinion, and though our success with them is Google Ad Words, when setting this up initially we check your Ad at regular intervals to ensure you are in the best position for the lowest cost. You might think that this would be expensive but in fact for the returns it is a very reasonable price to pay. Remember that your site is not going to be successful unless it can be found on the search engines, which is why we would never produce a website that the search engines would ignore. We are experts in web marketing and website design.

Being a SEO company we always ensure that you are found on Social Media sites which is one of the very important ways of getting to the top, you will find that all the successful sites have social media links on them. And we always suggest that you include search engine marketing in the development of your website, we are able to  offer all the best facilities that are needed to create the ideal site with a perfect polished finish as this is all necessary to ensure you get good rankings on the Search Engines. Take pay Per Click with Google this is an excellent way forward at a very cost effective means of advertising. Search Engine Optimisation makes the difference between being at the bottom or getting to the top. We know that we can supply you with a top website that draws the clients to you but SEO is a big part of this. 

Making sure that your website is appealing is absolutely paramount and as a website design company we always ensure that, when a possible client logs on to your site they are impressed, they rate it firstly by eye appeal and if it looks stale, dull, or boring they just move on to another site. So, whether we are creating a new site or updating an existing site, our team ensure that you have the best in website design, that will ensure a finished product that is Bright, Colourful and Eye catching and following that with good content to enable you to seal the deal. Firstly, we listen to your ideas and then present you with a site that incorporates your ideas together with our professional input – this then enables you to see the combination of ideas and you can then finally decide on the presentation of your new site.

And just to add to the package that we present to you in conjunction with our printing partners, we can incorporate the front of your website onto your Business Cards, Letterheads, Invoices and flyers etc.

When it comes to creating a content managed website, we are the people to talk to. We build and design a website with WordPress which enables us to make your site completely original and ensures it stands out from the rest. Our systems enable you to easily make adjustments and alterations, either with text or images instantly. Should you want to add new pages we can also arrange for you to do this. All you have to do is log in to the admin section of your site (we supply you with the administration section and explain how you use it) this is ideal for a lot of clients as they get a very reasonable fixed price for an outstanding website where we produce the design, basic pages and the client can supply the rest. They can add pages, blogs, images, feeds etc or if you feel that you want a full custom and managed website we can also do this without any problem.

You always need to make sure that you are constantly in your customers thoughts when he is thinking of buying a product that you sell. You need email marketing, if you are not doing this a competitor certainly will be by sending out a regular newsletter with details of their latest products and offers – the best and cheapest way of doing this.