I have just read of New Twitter Privacy Settings 1 - If you want to change the behaviour of personalized ads or completely opt-out altogether, head to your Personalisation and Data settings page. Then at the top of the page select the Disable All button. Also, make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes. 2 - If you’re using the mobile app, head Personalization and Data and uncheck what you don’t want, or toggle off the Personalization and Data switch at the top. It appears that the opt-out choice doesn’t sync between the website and mobile. So, you’ll want to check both and make the appropriate changes. Twitter also explains “We’re expanding Your Twitter Data to give you the most transparent access to your Twitter information to date, including demographic and interest data, and advertisers that have included you in their tailored audiences on Twitter. Each category of data will be clearly marked, and you will be able to view or modify this data directly.” While the company appears to be taking a more aggressive approach to targeting users with ads, it’s also providing the tools we need to opt-out. The next time you log into Twitter, it does show a notification message pointing out the changes. Still, a lot of users will probably just click or tap to dismiss it. Then they won’t know about the changes in the policy — and that’s a win for Twitter and its partners.