SEO Services

Describing SEO Services. Now then SEO people ask, what is SEO? Well it stands for Search Engine Optimisation and that is the method of ensuring that your website is continuously climbing the rankings in the search engines. We have done this with many sites and normally arrived in the top ten of Google. Mind you, to reach that position by using SEO marketing and SEO tools is not done overnight and takes a fair amount of time, effort and cost. Unfortunately nothing that’s worth having in this life is free but we always strive to make the costs as minimal as possible. The best compliment you can have is when your site is on the first page of Google and the higher you are in the rankings the more times your site will be visited. For SEO to be successful you have to decide what to concentrate on, so you decide which products are going to have the most impact and work on these. However, SEO is an ongoing  process – it takes both time and effort to get up in the rankings and even when you get there you have to continuously work on it to ensure it stays there. We can assure you that if you get to the top and just sit back within a week you can have lost your top rankings and have to start all over again. To be successful you need to ensure you never take your eye off the ball and of course we can put plans in place to ensure that you are always in control. Don’t worry if you have not got the time, we have, and for a minimal cost we will do it for you. We offer affordable seo services together with SEO packages.

Part of SEO is Pay per Click and the best Pay per Click site to use is Google as they get the best results. This is advertising for which you only pay if people actually click on it. With a lot of advertising you pay upfront for an advert that will be there for a set period and whether people notice or not you still have to pay. This way, you decide how much you want to spend per day and it will never exceed that plus you will only be charged if a person clicks on it and goes to your site. It works as follows: you decide which item or items you want to promote, let us say decking, and set a budget of £3 a day with a cost of say 10p a click – this means that you will get 30 people searching for decking clicking on your advert and going to your website that day, the advert then stops until the next day when it starts again. A Pay per Click ad requires monitoring daily to ensure you are both getting the best results and for the best cost.

The two best ways to make email marketing successful are : Attracting subscribers and keeping in touch with them by sending emails relating only to their requirements. We can provide all this with our cost effective SEO services.

Firstly, you must have a vibrant front page and ensure you follow that with the rest of the site in a similar vein. The second needs to ensure that the content of your front page is eye catching and interesting this ensures they explore your site further. Then you are in a position to use SEO. To start with you send emails out, always ensuring that the content is interesting and if possible include a special offer for the client’s next order and include in the content the latest news of what your company is doing. Then we can take over with SEO marketing in full.