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Nowadays more and more Senior Citizens are using tablets to help them keep in touch with friends and family.  Normally, these are easy to use, lightweight, and have touch screens.  They are far easier to use and less complicated than a laptop, but some seniors may still feel hesitant about them.  Some think of getting a smart phone, but these screens are normally 5 inch, which is a bit too small for seniors and the buttons are very small for those with arthritis. People are inclined to worry over dropping and breaking an expensive tablet or are concerned that if they have hands that can shake, it will make it it hard to use the touchscreen.  However, using a stylus can normally solve this problem.

One should never think that being a senior you will automatically understand how to use all the features of a tablet / smartphone etc.  Someone needs to be either there to help and advise from the beginning.  You are going to be the one using it from now on, so getting a feel for it now is a good step forward. You are going to feel worried and unsure about how to get the applications you may require, enjoy or like to use in the future. Some seniors may be worried about putting their personal information online. A lot of of you will have family to help but some don’t have nearby family that can pop in and sort things This is where we come in. We are here to help and explain what you need to do. Just use our contact form and put your questions in and we will give you advice by email or phone. We will advise on tablet safety, password management, the best apps to get, setting up email, security, best search engines, explain the technical terms and so much more. We can also help with smartphones.We are here to offer advice and to start with we would suggest installing an “Easy Mode” Launcher which could make thing simpler for you. The 2 main easy Modes are either the Necta Launcher or the Wiser. We find Necta scores over Wiser with its apps, which are easier to use and have smart features like SOS. But Wiser scores over Necta with the simplified notifications. I personally prefer the Necta, as I feel it is easier to understand and has the features set out below: A two-tone design of blue and white which gives big icons and a large font, making it more legible than default Android, especially for older users. It comes with custom apps for dialling your numbers, SMS, camera and gallery. It has a flashlight app to use your camera’s LED flash as a torch, all of which are streamlined for easy use. It has the ability for you to contact up to 3 people in an emergency, they will be notified by the SOS app that is installed this can be activated by tapping the icon or waving your hand over the screen three times. A quick wave didn’t do anything in our test, but a slow and deliberate wave worked as advertised. Both the wiser and the Necta are available for free from the Google Play Store.


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