Internet Mentor a person who provide experience and advice. Mentoring is a relationship between a mentor and a mentee. (A mentee is someone who benefits from a range of personal and professional advice from a mentor) For a relationship to be successful, the mentee needs to be able to accept that normally the mentor will in a better position to advise and make suggestions through his knowledge and experience of the internet and therefore be in a better position to advise and suggest than the mentee himself.


Internet Mentor this is a person very experienced with the internet who gives help to Senior Citizens, Newcomers and Website Owners by assisting both Senior Citizens and Newcomers to set up the laptop, tablet,  smartphone. And Website owners both new and existing to improve or initially set up their sites. We do this by pointing out pitfalls, offering advice on the right apps and advising on good security. For Website Owners we advise on how to retain clients who have bought from you in the past and will have need of your products or services in the future. These days, we live in a world that is virtually run by computers of one sort or another, and whatever product or service you are offering you need to have a website that clients will look at and say “this looks good” and this is where we can help. Our experience on the net with having achieved excellent results in promoting, owning and managing web sites has been extremely successful , why not let us give you free of charge experience, to take advantage of what we can offer. We are here, to offer our services Internet Mentoring, entirely free for all and with a Website Evaluation and Analysis also entirely free of charge for those who are seeking a website development, revamping a tired site or just a spring clean on a site. We consider that whilst we might not have all the answers we have a good few, and if we don’t know the answer we will do our utmost to find it.

Business internet mentor help you develop a website that suits your requirements and has the right approach to the clients that you are seeking. We would work with you so that you can achieve the results that you are seeking and not just what initially you might think is good. Firstly we would look at what budget you have decided to put into the site, as then we can provide the best suggestions to fit within the budget. By using this method we do not waste your time or ours.

When setting the site up we must ensure that the parameters we use are suitable for the Search Engines as they are the ones who in the end will decide whether you succeed or fail. Ensuring that Google, Bing, Yahoo and Aol find your site suitable and attractive is our No 1 aim. This in turn enables you to get high in the rankings and is what every website desperately aims to do.

One of the first aims of a website owner should be to find the best hosting companies and if you’re not using a web developer then the best website creation tool. We can recommend good hosting companies and also we find for the web creation WordPress is extremely good and has a low cost outlay.  WordPress is reasonable easy to use, although sometimes it is better to get a webmaster to initially set it up for you and then you take over and develop it yourself.

These days, if you are selling on the web, we feel it is paramount to have an SSL certification and most hosting companies can provide this for you.

Another major point is to make sure that your content is the best. This again is where we come in. We can go through your suggested content and point out any pitfalls that we might find. Good content is another major selling point and one that all Search Engines look at.

We are offering you internet mentors to help and assist you make all the above goals easier. You have to ensure that your site is always up to date and secure, and we can offer suggestions to enable you to keep it this way. Remember we are just an email away and can normally answer your queries in 24 hours if not sooner.

With over 20 years experience on the net. We are here to help by offering you Internet Mentors who have 20 years of internet experience which can help and assist you to go forward. It make no difference should you be a newcomer to the web with a tablet / laptop or a business with an established business site, an e commerce site, or if you are just starting on the web with your business. We are here to listen to your concerns and make suggestions on how to ensure everything is set up to make things easy and successful. If you have any questions please click on the links below

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