• Internet help is offered with an Internet Mentor this is a person there to help Senior Citizens and Newcomers to the internet with all the advice and assistance they will need from day one. And for Website Owners, either just starting or already established – our internet mentoring will enable them to sell and promote products or services further. Our internet mentor is one who offers help without charges to Senior Citizens and all new to the net to the net is by assisting them to set up the laptop, tablet or smartphone that they have just purchased or been given. With internet mentoring we do this by pointing out pitfalls, offering advice on the right apps and advising on good security. For Website Owners either established or just starting advice on how to retain clients who have bought from you in the past and will have need of your products or services in the future. These days, we live in a world that is virtually run by computers of one sort or another, and whatever product or service you are offering you need to have a website that clients will look at and say “this looks good” and this is where we can help. With over 20 years’ experience on the net and having achieved excellent results in web sales, why not use our free mentoring services to take advantage of what we can offer. We are here, to offer the services of Internet Mentoring, entirely free for all and with a Website Evaluation and Analysis also entirely free of charge for those who are seeking a website development, revamping a tired site or just a spring clean on a site. We consider that whilst we might not have all the answers we have a good few, and if we don’t know the answer we will do our utmost to find it.




Internet help: A well thought out site enables you to have control and refresh your products as often as you want, without having to spend hours on your computer. This means that you can spend more time both increasing your customer base and expanding your product range in line with what your customers are seeking.
To be successful your site has to be easily found. For instance, if you are a party site Leeds selling party goods, we are here to help ensure that when somebody types into Google “party supplies in Leeds” your name comes up.You can have the best looking all singing and dancing site in the world but unless your site comes up when people search for your products it is useless.
We suggest you promote your site to all the search engines and use Google Analytics to show your site on the search engines. Success does not come overnight but with a well-planned and carefully managed site, it can usually happen within a short length of time.
Optimising your site through (Pay Per Click) campaigns is one of the best ways, and we find definitely the best of these are Google Ad Words.
When you first start to use Google Ad Words you need to check your Ad at regular intervals to ensure you are in the top 3 for the lowest cost. You might think that this way of advertising would be expensive but in fact for the returns it is a very reasonable price to pay.
Always remember that your site is will not produce results unless it can be found easily which is why we believe in creating a website that the search engines cannot ignore.
We make sure that your website is appealing this is most important as when a client be they a new, past or present logs on to the site, they usually rate it firstly by eye appeal. then by content and easy it is to use. If it looks stale, dull, or boring, slow to get to different pages they just move on to another site.
So when you are creating a new site or updating an your present one, we will study in detail and try to make helpful suggestions to enable you to produce a finished product that is all singing and dancing.
First of all we listen to your ideas and then suggest to you alternative ideas that will enable you to mix and match to finally decide on the new look of your site.
Managed websites we would love to help you with our ideas. Managed sites are ideal for a lot of people, as they produce a very reasonable fixed price for an outstanding website where everything is done for you by a webmaster – design, graphics, colours, pages etc and then you supply the content. After that you can add pages, blogs, images, feeds and more, or if you feel that you want a fully made and managed website, this can be done without any problem.
Always you ensure that you are constantly in your customers thoughts when he is thinking of buying a product that you sell. If you are not doing this. another company certainly will. Sending a regular newsletters out with details of your latest products and offers is the best and cheapest way of doing this.
Now then SEO: People say, what is SEO? Well it stands for Search Engine Optimisation and that is the method of ensuring that your website is continuously climbing the rankings in the search engines.
As everybody knows nothing that’s worth having is free but we try and suggest ways to make the costs as low as possible. The top compliment you can receive is when you get your site on the first page of Google. Because the higher you are in the rankings the more times your site will be visited.
You need your SEO to be successful, so you have to decide about what you are going to concentrate on and then decide which products are going to have the most impact and work on these. However, SEO is an ongoing never-ending process. Both time and effort are required to get up in the rankings and even when you are there you have to continuously work on your site to ensure it stays there.
It is proven that if you get to the top and relax, within a week you can lose your top rankings and have to start all over again.
Never take your eye off the ball. Part of SEO is Pay Per Click. This is advertising for which you only pay if people actually click on it. We recommend Google Pay Per Click as we find it gives the best results. A lot of advertising requires you pay upfront for an advert that will be there for a set period and whether people notice or not you still have to pay. With Pay Per Click you decide how much you want to spend per day and it will never exceed that plus you will only be charged if a person clicks on it and goes to your site.
It works as follows: you decide which item or items you want to promote, let us say decking. You set a budget of £3 a day with a cost of say, 10 pence a click – this means that you will get 30 people searching for decking, clicking on your advert and going to your website that day. The advert then stops until the next day when the process starts again. A Pay per Click ad requires monitoring daily to ensure you are getting the best results at the best cost.