Hosting Services We Offer

Host your site on our award-winning platform and get lightning-fast speeds. Our web hosting service is an Internet hosting service that allows our clients and companies to have their website accessible via the World Wide Web. A web host is a company that provide space on a server, owned or leased for use by their clients. 

Because we and all web companies host websites belonging to our customers, online security is our most important concern. When a customer agrees to use our web hosting service, they are giving control of the security of their site to whichever company they are using to host that site. The level of security provided by our web hosting is the best as this is extremely important to both our clients and our prospective clients. They can be completely assured that we take the security and privacy of their sites to the top level.

All businesses, both sole proprietors needing a single page, up to large e-commerce shopping sites, need a website and they have to be hosted. When it comes to pricing not everyone needs hosting for that full-blown e-commerce site that can be expensive, however, if you do require that we can provide it at a most affordable rate.  Should you just need a site with 3 or 4 pages, no problem and again should you require a single page site showing your contact details, opening hours and directions to get to you we can organise that. Cost of hosting is a critically important consideration when selecting a Web host and we like to think that we provide top hosting at an affordable price. But then again, be careful, sometimes cheap is not good, however we can show you sites that we host so you are able to see exactly what we provide for our client.

CHEAP WEB HOSTING OUR SUPER BUDGET HOSTING this is a great package for getting started with more than enough space to get your first website online together with a couple of email accounts that will give you that professional finish to your stationery. At only £2.99 a month, when signing up for 12 months you have got a fantastic deal. Add to this your own dedicated control panel where you can keep a check on your account, upload files, set up email forwards etc. Keep your files safe with our website back up features, range of CGI & PHP Scripts to get your website more interactive from day one.


Best Web Hosting with Fast UK Hosting Account at an Affordable Price. Only £4.16 per month. When signing up for 12 months. This improves on our Super Budget Package with much more web space and greatly improved bandwidth, this allows twice the amount of visitors every month. Email Forwarding & Autoresponders included for your use. 5 email accounts for making sure your communications look professional. Keep everything safe with our handy website back up utility and get access to a choice of statistics packages so you always know how many visitors your pages are getting. Many more CGI & PHP scripts are also included so that you can also get more interactive with your online creations.

To start off we need to find out what you require so that we can then offer an affordable web hosting price. You need to keep in mind how your site may increase in size as time goes on and will you require more features but we can handle that. You can discuss this with us and we will ensure you get the right package, and if required we will design a package to suit your requirements.