Re Creators update. Windows 10 has been around for a while now, and has gradually improved over that time. I was one of the first to use it and at times initially I nearly gave up and took it off, however I struggled on and it was worth it. I never bothered with windows 8 or 8.1 I had a try and decided I would stick with windows 7 until 10 came out. When they released the Anniversary update last year that was excellent improved Start screen and Action centre also improved the Edge browser, however Iwill be a lot happier when the Edge can be used in conjunction with Norton or any other reputable Antivirus , anti-malware software, because I find that defender does not remove all tracking cookies despite what they say. However now the latest update called Creators update has launched and I have installed it and so far so good “HOLD THAT THOUGH” nothing dramatic has caused me concern. However after 10 days some of my apps stopped working and so I had to take Creator off and then the apps returned to normal. So at the moment I am leaving Creator well alone. one thing about the Creators update it does not get on well with my 12 inch laptop as it takes too much room so beware. I have just read the following. Is it possible for a deleted app keep on tracking you, even if the app is off the phone. Well the answer to this is that it is possible. An app cannot follow you and know your exact whereabouts. However app developers can use a process called tagging called which leaves behind a unique ID on a smartphone so the developer can recall the apps that were on it and the last Wi-Fi network the phone was logged onto.