Free Website Evaluation


You ask why do I need to have my website evaluated?. Well below I list just a few very good reasons for you to have your site evaluated professionally. You may think well I know what I am doing and its running along quite nicely, however when we evaluate a site we check over 100 Factors, and these factors can easily be the difference between the greater success of your site or you just ticking over and missing that great opportunity that so rarely comes along.

  1. Is the information that the site is giving out completely accurate.
  2. Does your site have a reputable background to it, and has it the necessary knowledge to answer questions that may be asked.
  3. Is the material and wording on your site completely accurate, useful, non-repetitive, and clear?
  4. How frequently is your site updated?
  5. Is the information on your site clear and easy to understand?
  6. Are your graphics of good quality and well connected to the content of your site?
  7. Is it easy to search your site, can you go directly to whatever you are seeking?
  8. Does your site load quickly?
  9. Are all your links live?
  10. Are the fonts you have used easy to read?. Remember some older people or people with vision problems turn away from a site if it is not easy for them to use.