FREE Internet Mentoring

Free Internet Mentoring some people say why Free we say why not.

Turning your ideas and hopes into a business is everybody’s dream both young and old, however that dream does not come true without hard work and determination. Every day you meet up with new challenges that have to be overcome to make your dream come true. However in this day and age things have become easier, you can get help, quite often at no cost from Entrepreneurs. These are usually older business people who have overcome the obstacles and built up successful business and who are willing to give up some of their own time to help those that are trying to get on the ladder to success.

Internet Trading Solutions are offering this help to those who are either starting out, wanting to grow or even Senior Citizens who are have problems getting on the internet for the first time. We want to connect with you so that we can help you to solve your problems more quickly and therefore build up your business without sleepless nights.

Why not let us help you. We have been there done it and reaped the benefits of success and now want to offer free mentoring to those who are struggling with aspects of the internet and the websites they are building, with our experience we may not know everything  but we know quite a lot would like to share this with you.

What do Internet Mentors Offer

1 – They offer a person who will share their knowledge and experiences with people who are just starting out or want to advance. From Senior Citizens to Site Owners or indeed anybody in between.

2 – They give advice to help others with online marketing and small business marketing.

3 – They give people, who are starting out, the opportunities and ideas, from a person who has been there, done it and succeeded. And who has the experience to help you go forward.

4 – Mentors can suggest other people to contact who could help you advance in your business and career, they can suggest who and where you need to go to enable you to further your business or career.

5 – They assist people to improve in the path they have chosen.

6 – They use their knowledge and experience to assist and build peoples ambitions and help them to succeed.

7 –  We offer Free help to Senior Citizens starting with their first tablet or phone, Entrepreneurs starting their first site to website owners who have a particular problem that they are struggling with. 


Mentoring is a relationship in which an experienced person with knowledge of the area that you are working in helps guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person to succeed on that working area. The mentor is usually older than the person being helped as they will have had many years of experience, but she or he must have a certain area of expertise. In fact it is an older, well versed person who is there to assist people starting out on their career, or in many cases advancing it.

For budding entrepreneurs, changing an idea into a business is the dream of a lifetime. However, making dreams a reality is not always easy; it entails hard work and long hours and the ability not to give up. It is always nice to be able to bounce your ideas off another person who has experience in that area. And that is where an internet marketing Mentor comes in, he will listen to your ideas, consider them and then come back to you with some do’s and don’ts that come from years of web experience. By using an online marketing mentor you are greatly increasing your chances of success.

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