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An Internet Mentor is a person who provide experience and advice. Mentoring is a relationship between a mentor and a mentee. (A mentee is someone who benefits from a range of personal and professional advice from a mentor) For a relationship to be successful, the mentee needs to be able to accept that normally the mentor will in a better position to advise and make suggestions through his knowledge and experience of the internet and therefore be in a better position to advise and suggest than the mentee himself.

Use our contact form today. We can help as we have run and managed sites on page 1 of Google with over 20 years experience of the internet we are in a good position to offer advice. We now offer internet mentoring free, for Senior Citizens, Newcomers to the Net and for people who wish to develop and  increase their site rankings as we feel that we are in a good position to help in this and more. So we would sincerely like to try and assist you with your internet queries and concerns by mentoring and advising you. We are always happy to give advice and help on all the aspects of the Word Wide Web. We are happy to assist all and with no charges.

If you need any help with the following just use our contact form:

  • When you have question about the net whether you are a Senior Citizen or someone wishing to advance and go forward please send us your query.
  • Getting started on the net.
  • Turning first time visitors into regular customers.
  • Ensure your system is set up so it is easily managed and also easy for your clients to navigate.
  • Create a regular email marketing newsletter to send to your clients at regular intervals and ensure you are keeping your search engine rankings.

We are always here to give you advice and help.For more information please use our contact form: