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Internet Mentoring – We have over 20 years experience on the net. We are here to help and give Internet Mentoring and Website Evaluation free. It make no difference should you be a newcomer to the web with a tablet / laptop or a business with an established business site, an e commerce site,  or if you are just starting on the web with your business. We are here to listen to your concerns and make suggestions on how to ensure everything is set up to make things easy.

Help for Senior Citizens on the Internet

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Nowadays more and more of our Senior Citizens are purchasing and being  given tablets to help them keep in touch with friends and family.  Normally these are easy to use, lightweight, and have touch screens.  They are far easier to use and less complicated than a laptop, but some of our seniors may still feel hesitant about them. That’s where we come in with all the help they need.

Advice for Newcomers to the Internet

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For all the newcomers to the web who just want to set up a laptop / tablet or smart phone with email, security and all the other things you may never heard of – that which may seem terrifying to you. Don’t panic. Internet Mentoring can and will explain things and answer your queries and hopefully this will enable you to relax and fully enjoy the web. without worrying. Remember, we offer internet mentoring free.



 Are you seeking an Internet Marketing Mentor we can help. For both new and established websites let us help you with both advice and suggestions to convert first time visitors into regular customers with web development, seo optimisation, online marketing, and online advertising. We offer advice as a Internet Business Mentor together with an Internet Mentoring Program. 

With over 20 years’ experience in using the internet, we offer internet mentoring that helps to sort out initial problems on the net (connecting to the net, good security, setting things up from scratch etc) we can help as we have run and managed sites on page 1 of Google. We now offer internet mentoring free, and offer suggestions for people who wish to develop and  increase their site rankings as we feel that we are in a good position to help in this and more. So we would sincerely like to try and assist you with your internet queries and concerns by mentoring and advising you. We are always happy to give advice and help on all the above, whether you are a newcomer just starting with a site, or an established website wishing to advance. It makes no difference to us, we are happy to assist all and with no charges.


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